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Your Ally in Defending Potable Water

For over 30 years, LiquiTech has been keeping people safe through our innovative, sustainable approach to water management.

Many plumbing systems inherently have stagnation, warm water temperatures, and sediment accumulation, creating a perfect storm for bacterial growth. There are regular outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease at hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, and other multistory buildings.

That’s why LiquiTech uses products that are proven to be harmless to people and pipes. We proactively test, analyze, monitor, and maintain buildings’ water and plumbing systems, keeping them free of sediment and deadly pathogens.




Years of Experience




Remote Monitoring

Your multistory facility deserves proactive solutions that keep water systems clean and flowing.

  • 1

    Bacteria and Sediment Enter the Building

  • 2

    liqui-filtra Point-of-Entry Filtration System

  • 3

    Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System

  • 4

    Copper Silver Ionization System

  • 5

    liqui-temp Remote Monitoring System

  • 6

    Chrome Shower Head or Similar Point of Use Filter




“Potable water is the most common source of healthcare associated legionellosis. It was not until a copper silver ionization system was installed that we saw a precipitous decline in positive Legionella cultures. Potable water cultures, positive for Legionella, were reduced from 30% to less than 1%. Most importantly, we have not had a single case of hospital-acquired legionellosis for almost 20 years, since the system was installed, linked to potable water.”

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center logo

John Letson
Vice President of Plant Operations | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“I remain a strong advocate of copper/silver disinfection for the effective and safe treatment of water and safety from waterborne pathogens, specifically, legionella, which is a serious health threat in every healthcare organization.

I also attest to the fact that LPCH has been free of the tested waterborne pathogens since LiquiTech unit has been installed at LPCH.”

Stanford Children's Health logo

Michael Zader
Administration Director of General Services | Stanford Children’s Health

“LiquiTech is a company that we value and respect because their team goes above and beyond.

Our copper silver ionization system has helped my entire water management program. Kaiser Fremont has partnered with LiquiTech for over 10 years now and we hope to continue working together for many more.”

Kaiser Permanente logo

Manuel Carvello
Chief Engineer Facilities Operation | Kaiser Fremont


Of all water systems are contaminated with legionella


Of pre-mature equipment failures can occur annually in your building from sediment

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