Colorado Hospital Reduces Sediment by 96.7%


A newly built hospital in Colorado began experiencing issues with its plumbing infrastructure soon after opening its doors to patients in 2016, including:

  • Sediment buildup inside pipes and equipment
  • Pinhole leaks at every 90-degree turn, requiring large sections of new pipe to be replaced prematurely

The hospital contacted LiquiTech to conduct a sediment test, which revealed substantial amounts of sediment in the building’s water supply – more than 300 pounds of sediment per one million gallons of water.


After an extensive analysis of the building’s plumbing infrastructure, LiquiTech determined the sediment source to be the incoming water supply. The high sediment loads traveling through the pipes resulted in continuous damage at 90-degree turns within the system, eventually causing pinhole leaks to form.

LiquiTech developed a solution to install a LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System on the incoming water supply to remove sediment before it could enter the building’s plumbing system and cause damage.


The Sediment Filtration System is removing 96.7% of sediment, helping the hospital:

  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Extend the functionality and life of water-bearing equipment
  • Reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens


Challenge: 300 pounds of sediment per one million gallons of water found in the incoming water supply
Solution: LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System installed
Results: 96.7% reduction in sediment

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