Water Management Program Helps Hospital Detect Legionella


In 2020, a large hospital campus in California partnered with LiquiTech to develop a water management program. The hospital already relied on a LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization System at their campus’ main building, remaining at non-detectable Legionella levels for several years.

As part of their full-service water management program solution, LiquiTech began quarterly testing at other campus buildings, which determined three additional buildings consistently tested positive for Legionella.


Following the success of the LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization System installed in the main building, the hospital partnered with LiquiTech to install three new Copper-Silver Ionization Systems at the other buildings on campus.


The hospital saw concentrations of Legionella positivity plummet drastically in the first two months after installation. The hospital continues to partner with LiquiTech for ongoing services, including maintenance, monitoring, testing, and water management program support.


Challenge: Proactive testing as part of a water management program uncovered Legionella positivity at three campus buildings
Solution: Following the success of an existing LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization System, three more systems were installed
Results: Legionella positivity plummeted; hospital continues to partner with LiquiTech for ongoing services

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