Detroit’s Water Infrastructure


The water infrastructure that was designed to keep us all hydrated is in trouble everywhere, not just the Detroit water crisis. - Detroit did most of its growing in the 30 years between 1920 and 1950 – the population nearly doubled, from 994,000 to 1,850,000 (It’s now about 685,000). This is the same time window during which much of America’s water infrastructure was being laid out: people were moving from the country to the cities, and there were generous federal subsidies that helped put those pipes in the ground. Other cities that put in a lot of water infrastructure during this [...]

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EACs Invited to Go! Global Web Summit


Water Citizen News - Engineers, architects, and construction industry professionals (EACs) have an opportunity to participate in the Go Global Web Summit, a free five-day web summit. The event is co-organized by the editorial director of Water Citizen News, a new, free independent online news outlet that provides water news and features including issues connected to water and policy, business, and technology. Cat Shrier said  “The Go Global Career Summit provides a tremendous opportunity for engineers, architects, and construction industry professionals around the world to explore opportunities and prepare themselves to make a greater impact and play on an international stage.”  The [...]

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ASHRAE Webcast: Buildings in Balance


Broadcast set for April - ASHRAE's next webcast, entitled “Buildings in Balance: IEQ and Energy Efficiency,” will broadcast live on April 17, 2014.  Registration for the FREE Webcast opened March 17. The presentation will feature industry experts who will identify the link between energy efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) through the integrated design process. This FREE webcast program will broadcast live via the internet.

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