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New LiquiTech Water Management Consultative Services


Customers who choose the remote water management options will receive an iPad to conduct facility assessments. AUGUST 31st, 2017 - LOMBARD, IL - LiquiTech, a pioneer in prevention and control of Legionnaires’ disease and other waterborne infections, will now be offering water management consultative services in addition to both On-site and Remote Water Management packages, in response to facility and market demand. Since the release of the mandate from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on June 2, 2017, LiquiTech has helped inquiring facilities who are scrambling to become compliant. All of this before facilities face [...]

New LiquiTech Water Management Consultative Services2018-05-31T12:03:14-05:00

LiquiTech Launches CMS Mandate Webinars


LiquiTech launches educational webinars in response to CMS mandate on water testing and water management plans New rules turn up the pressure on healthcare facilities to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. In response, LiquiTech launches weekly educational webinars on water testing, water management plans and disinfection protocol to assist facilities in minimizing the risks of Legionella and complying with the CMS mandate. New regulations from the federal government are reinforcing the need for healthcare facilities to take proactive steps to prevent outbreaks of deadly Legionnaires’ disease and other infections resulting from pathogens in their water systems. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid [...]

LiquiTech Launches CMS Mandate Webinars2018-05-31T12:04:08-05:00

Legionella Outbreak at Southwest Veterans’ Center


(via 11 news) A patient at the Southwestern Veterans' Center tested positive for Legionnaires' Disease on June 8 and was admitted to the VA Hospital in Oakland for treatment. The Southwestern Veterans' Center is a state-run nursing home.  A letter was sent to patients' families saying, "Even though the facility is equipped with a very good water purification system, which is tested monthly, it was prudent for us to start immediately testing certain water fixtures." Several water fixtures like shower heads and drinking fountains tested positive for low levels of Legionella bacteria. "In order to get Legionnaires' Disease, you have [...]

Legionella Outbreak at Southwest Veterans’ Center2018-05-31T12:04:40-05:00

CDC Town Hall on Legionnaires’


LiquiTech’s copper silver ionization maintaining zero Legionella test results for over 16 years… protecting cancer facility and their critical patients since 2000.  Contact us today on how we can help your facility achieve the same results and minimize the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. LiquiTech endorses CDC town hall on Legionnaires’ disease With Legionnaire’s disease on the rise in hospitals and healthcare facilities, the need for routine testing and preventive treatment has become clear, CDC event shows The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held its first-ever Vital Signs Town Hall webinar on Legionnaires’ disease on [...]

CDC Town Hall on Legionnaires’2018-07-10T08:54:57-05:00

LiquiTech Response to Pittsburgh Legionnaires’ Articles


The articles support the facts that the Pittsburgh VA staff failed to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and deployed improper testing procedures. (via Business Wire): LiquiTech made the following statement regarding the investigation into the Legionnaires’ outbreak that killed six veterans at the Pittsburgh VA in 2011: A comprehensive investigation by journalist Sean Hamill of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has uncovered the truth surrounding the Legionnaires’ outbreak that killed six veterans at the Pittsburgh VA in 2011. His investigation was published in a two-part series Sunday and Monday, and led to a call for a congressional investigation into the situation from Sen. Bob [...]

LiquiTech Response to Pittsburgh Legionnaires’ Articles2018-05-31T12:05:47-05:00