John Marx, MPH | Senior Infection Control Practitioner

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics

Potable water is the most common source of healthcare associated legionellosis. It was not until a copper silver ionization system was installed that we saw a precipitous decline in Legionella numbers. Legionella has not been recovered from our hot potable water system in over a decade. Most importantly, we have not had a single case of hospital-acquired legionellosis since the system was installed.

Military Medical Center

United States Air Force Base, Texas

LiquiTech installed a copper silver ionization system for the control and prevention of Legionella at a United States Air Force Base. The installation has resulted in successful long-term disinfection and protection for our armed forces and veterans who visit the medical center.

Premier Global Real Estate Firm

New York, NY

A top real estate firm works with LiquiTech at its properties in New York and across the United States to provide the highest quality water for its tenants, employees and guests. LiquiTech has delivered long-term risk mitigation and protection from waterborne disease outbreaks.

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

A Fortune Global 500 manufacturing company installed LiquiTech’s systems to secure water quality and increase operational efficiency. The systems have resulted in long-term protection for workers, while improving process water and extending the life of water using equipment throughout the facility.

Matt Greis, Engineering Director

St. Elizabeth Healthcare | Edgewood, KY

Of four disinfection systems investigated by hospital staff, St. Elizabeth chose LiquiTech® copper silver ionization. In addition to being environmentally safe, it was also a long-term and cost-effective as it continuously treats biofilm in the domestic water without the need to shut down the system.

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