Legionella Emergency Outbreak Response

Time, discretion, and efficacy are of the utmost importance during an outbreak.

It is especially critical to work with experts who have proven success in gaining control of waterborne bacteria within 48 hours. LiquiTech has more than 25 years of experience in delivering immediate and effective results across a wide range of water environments.

Gain Control of Bacteria in as Little as 48 Hours

Emergency Outbreak Contact

Contact us to achieve non-detectable levels of waterborne pathogens including Legionella.

Call: 800.635.7873
Email: remediation@liquitech.com.

LiquiTech's Strategy for Rapid Remediation

Details subject to change based on facility size, distribution and water systems.

Engineering analysis and bacteria testing of building plumbing and water systems to identify infected areas or areas at risk for bacterial growth.

Installation of point-of-use filters at positive or high-risk distal sites until remediation plan has been completed and patients are no longer at risk for infection.

Confirm copper and silver concentrations in water distribution system."

Copper silver ionization installation on the buildings hot water system with copper and silver ions to be distributed throughout the water system.

Thorough flushing protocol targeting distal sites throughout the facility, including all sites within the affected area for a period of 3-5 days in order to achieve desired ion distribution.

Water system culture analysis after 48 hours using samples drawn throughout the facility, including all previously positive locations. Simultaneous copper silver ICP samples will be drawn with the bacterial samples to confirm ionization levels and distribution.

Ongoing bacterial and ICP testing which includes weekly testing (dependent on state or facility needs) for a period of 30 days once non-detectable levels have been achieved. Followed by monthly tests to ensure ongoing system efficacy.

Download our brochure to learn more about LiquiTech's Emergency Remediation. You'll learn more about why you should choose LiquiTech, our proven technology, as well as our solution to long-term prevention.

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