Secure the safety and well-being of your patients

Protecting over 30 million patients and staff from waterborne diseases at more than 400 healthcare facilities.

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Ensure the health and safety of our veterans

As a veteran-owned company, LiquiTech provides water security solutions to VA hospitals, military bases, and rehabilitation facilities, protecting thousands of our veterans each year.

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Your reputation is everything

Hotels, resorts, and casinos rely on LiquiTech’s sustainable water solutions to protect their brand image and provide guests with a safe, clean environment.

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Protecting over $30 billion worth of plumbing and physical assets

Engineering firms rely on LiquiTech to deliver non-toxic, energy efficient water quality solutions that will not harm plumbing infrastructure, while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.

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Ensure water quality for your workers and facility’s equipment

Monitor and protect the safety of your workers and employees while reducing costs and increasing efficacy with our sustainable water treatment solutions.

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