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LiquiTech provides engineering firms and their clients with reliable drinking water systems at the design and construction phase.

We combine the latest water technology advancements, including water filtration and disinfection, with functional solutions. Our technology provides long-term value and cost-efficiency for your facility while also minimizing risks.

Our dedicated team of engineering experts understands complex plumbing treatment processes and environmental regulations involved when implementing water treatment solutions. LiquiTech possesses drawings in Revit and AutoCAD for most product configurations. Please contact our engineering department for your application specific drawings.

Customer Experience

Matt Greis, Engineering Director

St. Elizabeth Healthcare | Edgewood, KY
Of four disinfection systems investigated by hospital staff, St. Elizabeth chose LiquiTech® copper silver ionization. In addition to being environmentally safe, it was also a long-term and cost-effective as it continuously treats biofilm in the domestic water without the need to shut down the system.

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