Often overlooked, potable water is the source in the vast majority (75%) of Legionella outbreaks. It is critical for hospitals or long-term care facilities to address risks in their water environment. Healthcare professionals and facilities need to become part of the solution in the fight against diseases caused by Legionella, Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, and other waterborne bacteria.  Our approach to treating water focuses on a broader range of critical water quality solutions including UV and Copper Silver Ionization (CSI) for microbial disinfection, paired with Point-of-Entry (POE) Filtration for sediment/particulate control.  Upon implementation, a LiquiTech program will establish a best in class, thoroughly proven, and effective water treatment program with the goal of achieving and sustaining non-detectable levels of Legionella.

LiquiTech has had on-going success by teaming up with our customers to ensure not just rapid results but successful long term results. We offer 24/7 service and support.  In addition, our understanding of complex plumbing system and exposure to the nature of Legionella and other bacterial problems from our experience in thousands of facilities, means we are committed to effectively eliminating Legionella in a variety of drinking water applications, where other treatment methods and organizations failed to do so. Our team of qualified engineering staff are trained to identify root cause issues and proactively manage them to mitigate risk.  Our innovative and evolved technologies are all environmentally friendly and meet all EPA, ETL/UL, and NSF certifications.  Most importantly, LiquiTech makes a commitment and has shown the consistent ability to achieve non-detectable levels of Legionella post remediation.

Customer Experience

John Marx, MPH | Senior Infection Control Practitioner

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Potable water is the most common source of healthcare associated legionellosis. It was not until a copper silver ionization system was installed that we saw a precipitous decline in Legionella numbers. Legionella has not been recovered from our hot potable water system in over a decade. Most importantly, we have not had a single case of hospital-acquired legionellosis since the system was installed.

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