Consistent, high quality water is invaluable to an industrial or manufacturing facility’s structure and processes.

Legionella can be easily transmitted through water supply systems that serve your facility and are an integral part of your day-to-day business processes. An outbreak could disrupt not only your facility’s processes and increase costs exponentially, but also put your employees’ lives in danger. Industrial and manufacturing facility managers must protect their employees, visitors, and neighbors from the threat of a Legionella or waterborne outbreak.

LiquiTech can deliver custom engineered solutions to address the unique process water challenges at your facility. Some projects to date have included:

  • fruit and vegetable washing
  • paint stabilization
  • soluble oils treatment
  • post manufacturing rinse
  • cooling water treatment

LiquiTech is the premier provider of water treatment solutions for any facility. Our copper silver ionization system is a non-toxic solution with over 25 years of proven success. We provide solutions with an emphasis on water quality, cost-effectiveness, and worker safety. Our engineering team is committed to meeting the specific needs of your operation.