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Is Copper Silver Ionization The Best Method For Potable Water Disinfection?

Safe, clean drinking water is more than essential — it’s imperative. Any building where people live, work, or play must keep water free from the host of waterborne pathogens that could be lurking within its plumbing. Bacteria, mold, viruses, and more living in the drinking water can expose people to a rogue’s gallery of diseases and infections. At best, they could lead to outbreaks of gastrointestinal discomfort. At worst, they could be deadly.

All of this makes potable water disinfection an extremely high priority for property owners and managers of all types. Although chlorine has been a popular choice for this process in the past, it comes several trade-offs.

First, the presence of such a strong, toxic chemical in drinking water systems introduces risk to those who drink from them, especially if the amount used is out of balance. Second, chlorine is shown to corrode pipes, leading to damage that could impact operational performance and necessitate costly repairs. These are just a couple of the reasons many organizations have chosen copper silver ionization as a safer alternative.

How Does Copper Silver Ionization Work?

In the simplest terms, copper silver ionization involves introducing electrically charged copper and silver ions into the water supply. These particles carry a positive charge, meaning they are attracted to and bond with any substance that carries a negative charge such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Once the copper ions form an electrostatic bond with these pathogens, the silver ions penetrate the cell walls and permanently damage the cells’ DNA. This renders the contaminants dead or inert, while the ions remain to repeat the process.

The fact that these ions are safe for human consumption and can continue to fight against infections as they travel through the premise plumbing system makes copper silver ionization a great choice for disinfecting drinking water. This is why properties that serve large numbers of people — such as hospitals, hotels and resorts, and educational institutions — choose to install this technology. It has been proven effective for disinfecting from point-of-entry to point-of-use through the complete plumbing system keeping patients and patrons safe when they interact with water through showers, faucets, ice machines, and medical equipment. In addition, the process is harmless to pipes of all types, meaning it causes no damage to plumbing systems and water-bearing equipment while maintaining a clean source of water.

LiquiTech is Your Partner for Clean Water

Protecting the public from dangerous waterborne diseases should be at the top of your list if you own or manage a large facility in the health care or hospitality industries. As the leaders in copper silver ionization water treatment, LiquiTech understands how valuable this technology can be to kill Legionella and other pathogens. We can provide a comprehensive system and offer support in the form of water testing, water management plans, remote monitoring and more.

If you want to learn more about how this process works and how we can help you take full advantage of it, get in touch with us today. Our experienced representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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