If you’ve been asking yourself, why choose a copper silver ionization system…

Historically, chlorine is often used as the default solution to eradicate Legionella bacteria, but facilities across the nation are realizing that their chlorine systems don’t quite cut it.

Residents and families are expressing concerns about the water safety at Orlando retirement community Westminster Towers, which tested positive for Legionella and reported a case of Legionnaires’ disease even after being flushed with chlorine in July. The water at the retirement community was reported as testing positive for Legionella even one month after the chlorine treatment.

As a healthcare facility leader, your goal is to avoid hospital or facility-acquired infections at all costs. You want your water disinfection system to guarantee the security of your residents, protect your facility name, reduce your costs, and save lives. Taking a proactive approach protects lives and prevents facilities from having to scramble to to find a solution after it’s hit with a costly Legionnaires’ case.

LiquiTech’s copper silver ionization system is an EPA-registered solution that attacks pathogenic bacteria like Legionella at its source by releasing copper and silver ions into the water system. It does not harm your patients or your pipes. Over 600 hospitals and healthcare facilities have installed LiquiTech’s copper silver system for Legionella prevention because it eradicates the bacteria and cuts through biofilm buildup in pipes to deny further bacterial establishment in your water system.

Act now to avoid remediation…

You don’t want your facility on the news – the safety of your facility name begins with a proactive choice. Learn more about LiquiTech’s water disinfection services here