Pittsburgh VA finds more Legionella bacteria in O’Hara campus.

Pittsburgh – Bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease was found Friday in two water fixtures in staff areas at the Veterans Affairs campus in O’Hara, VA officials said.

More Legionella found at VA Campus

One of the fixtures is near a site that tested positive for the bacteria earlier this week, when two sinks tested positive, according to a news release. The bacteria were discovered at the H.J. Heinz III campus. None of the bacteria found this week have been linked with patient illnesses, according to the VA.

Bacteria were found in three water fixtures last week at the VA hospital on University Drive in Oakland, including a patient shower in a room near where an infected veteran stayed.

In the last month, VA Pittsburgh has tested about 450 water samples at its two main campuses in the area. The VA overhauled its water treatment and testing after at least six veterans died and 16 became sick during a Legionnaires’ outbreak in 2011 and 2012.

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