LiquiTech Applauds Advancement of ASHRAE Standard on Legionellosis Risk Management for Building Water Systems – Company Believes Carefully Considered Process Will Result in Healthcare Cost Reductions.

ASHRAE Standard 188

Lombard, Ill., – LiquiTech, a provider of environmentally sustainable solutions for dependably clean water systems, today reaffirmed its support of the work by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to “change the face of Legionella prevention” through consensus on a new standard for internal water systems for large buildings.

ASHRAE has announced it will soon release the fourth draft of its Standard 188P, newly renamed Legionellosis Risk Management for Building Water Systems. The draft will undergo public review, and a final standard is expected in 2015.  ASHRAE standards are not binding, but governments use them as the basis for local building codes.

“ASHRAE should be commended for its resolve in this effort.  The professionals involved in crafting this standard understand that Legionnaires Disease is preventable and reducing the risk of infection can be addressed through a building’s water system,” said Steve Schira, Chairman and CEO of LiquiTech.  “Careful consideration is a requirement, especially when healthcare is involved.  But when this process is completed, we are confident it will ultimately bring about significant improvement in patient safety, reductions in cost of care and cost of litigation.”

ASHRAE said the new draft standard would focus on systematic management of risks associated with potential exposure to Legionella and would address the issues surrounding routine environmental testing.

LiquiTech has taken a leadership role within the secondary water treatment industry by making information available to all stakeholders affected by the introduction risk management standards addressing the prevention of Legionnaires Disease.  The company has embarked on a series of educational webinars; the most recent session specifically focused on the ASHRAE 188P standard and illuminated the vulnerabilities of Legionella infection within healthcare facilities based on recent outbreaks.  It also provided suggestions on how healthcare can wisely use the time before the expected approval of ASHRAE Standard 188P sometime in 2015.

A recording of the LiquiTech Educational Webinar can be downloaded here:


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