Customers who choose the remote water management options will receive an iPad to conduct facility assessments.

AUGUST 31st, 2017 – LOMBARD, IL – LiquiTech, a pioneer in prevention and control of Legionnaires’ disease and other waterborne infections, will now be offering water management consultative services in addition to both On-site and Remote Water Management packages, in response to facility and market demand.

Since the release of the mandate from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on June 2, 2017, LiquiTech has helped inquiring facilities who are scrambling to become compliant. All of this before facilities face CMS surveyors.

“While it’s not necessarily rocket science, there is most definitely a level of complexity that goes underappreciated even by experienced professionals. In our experience, most facilities and even so-called experts have implemented flawed strategies and control efforts that have failed to effectively solve the problem of bacterial contamination in water systems. I am proud to say that LiquiTech has become the most reliable provider of effective solutions and strategies to prevent and control Legionella and other bacteria in water.” says Tory Schira, COO of LiquiTech.

In response to the new mandate, which requires hospitals to have a water management program in place to prevent Legionella outbreaks, LiquiTech revised its product offerings. This new initiative from the Legionella experts at LiquiTech, effective immediately, now offers both On-site and Remote Water Management Plan Packages as well as consultative services, each tailored by a team of experienced engineers.

LiquiTech’s Consultative Services aim to assist facilities that currently have a basis for a water management program but are in need of expert opinion concerning corrective actions, and most importantly, CMS surveyor-approved documentation. The prescribed On-site Water Management Package allows the facility to turn the often times complex and time consuming responsibilities entirely over to LiquiTech’s engineering team. On-site Plans require LiquiTech’s engineering team to travel on-site to conduct a full facility water system analysis while interviewing and training water management team members.

LiquiTech offers facilities the choice of a hands-on approach as well, giving facility managers the opportunity to be the champions of their water management plans. LiquiTech’s Remote Water Management Package allows facility staff to work with highly-trained engineers at their home-base. LiquiTech’s engineers conduct an in-depth and comprehensive off-site walk-through and training session to present facility personnel with the tools to be the experts of their water management plans.

“Constructing a Water Management Plan alone does not ensure the safety of a facility – it is the trained professionals and their partners’ educated monitoring that provides CMS-complaint success and security,” says Chris Ebener, LiquiTech’s Director of Engineering.

In the strive to provide their services as economically-sound investments, LiquiTech assists multi-facility networks by offering bundling options to provide networks with budget-friendly options and help ease financial commitments imposed by this mandate. To learn more about LiquiTech’s water management options, visit

About LiquiTech

Founded in 1992, LiquiTech is a pioneer in highly effective technologies and services that secure water delivery systems against water pathogen risks. They provide multi-barrier protection; water management plans; filtration; secondary disinfection; water analysis, testing and validation; and real-time, cloud based monitoring and control systems overseen by specialized engineers. LiquiTech’s copper silver ionization disinfection technology is supported by more than 100 independent research studies and is state and federal EPA-registered for the eradication of Legionella in drinking water. Their clients include healthcare, hospitality, commercial, industrial and government facilities, with more than 1,800 installations around the world. LiquiTech is a veteran-owned company. For more visit