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Matagorda Regional Medical Center: a Clean Water Pioneer in Healthcare

October 4, 2019

Public water systems traveling into large facilities are living biological ecosystems that harbor and distribute potentially harmful, naturally occurring bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Mycobacterium, and Legionella. Nationally, our drinking water infrastructure is in need of a $1 trillion overhaul, a daunting problem for stakeholders that lack the will to address it. Due to this, there’s a significant and under-appreciated need for decentralized water solutions. A study from Tufts University estimated that several classes of preventable waterborne pathogens contribute to $2 billion annually in Medicare payments and over 80,000 avoidable infections. Water is the source of as much as 30% of hospital-acquired infections.

Matagorda Regional Medical Center is a pioneer in the healthcare sector in the small, quaint, rural town of Bay City, Texas. They partnered with us (LiquiTech) to provide their patients with quality water and maintain that water quality. Our comprehensive water safety programs can save the average 300-bed hospital $600,000 (5% hospital-acquired infection reduction conservatively) up to $3,600,000 (30% hospital-acquired infection reduction) in medical treatment costs annually. This does not include the additional benefits from liability reduction, CMS compliance, quality of care improvement benefits, productivity improvements, and brand equity protection.

Matagorda has implemented LiquiTech’s self-cleaning filter, UV disinfection, and copper-silver ionization. We also support Matagorda with service operations, water testing, a CMS-compliant Water Management Plan, patented water monitoring technology, and analytics.

By providing a safer care environment, Matagorda can tout that they have the safest, cleanest water in Texas.

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