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Types of Commercial Water Filters

Protecting your commercial property from waterborne diseases means having a sound filtration system to keep your water clean. However, there are multiple commercial water filters, meaning you may need clarification about what you need. Read on to learn more about industrial water filters and which ones you should install around your facility.

What is point-of-entry water treatment?

These systems treat water at the point where it enters the building. This means they filter and clean water for the entire property before it flows into the plumbing. Depending on the situation, they may include water-softening capabilities to remove minerals. This equipment tends to be large and durable, lasting several years with proper maintenance and cleaning.

What is point-of-use water treatment?

Unlike point-of-entry systems, these types of commercial water filters are installed at specific locations to clean water as the water is being used. For example, a drinking fountain may have one of these filtration units to process water each time someone uses it. They may be used in conjunction with point-of-entry systems in large commercial spaces or on specific fixtures around a home. They usually require attention in the form of changing the filter regularly.

Point-of-entry vs. point-of-use

If you own a commercial building, chances are you will need one or both systems to ensure the cleanest, safest water possible for your tenants and guests.

Breaking it down further, you would need point-of-entry filtration if:

  • Your water source is a well and features foul-smelling water or water that contains too many minerals and/or sediment
  • Your water supply is “hard” and requires softening

You should consider point-of-use filters if:

  • Your facility only needs to have clean drinking water, with other sources being used for non-potable applications
  • You don’t have the resources to invest in a complete point-of-entry system and only need filtration for a few taps or fixtures

LiquiTech offers multiple water management solutions no matter what your facility’s needs may be.

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