Copper Silver Ionization

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LiquiTech® copper silver ionization is the most effective technology for controlling Legionella in water systems. In field evaluations, copper silver ionization has yielded the most successful results and is backed by more than 100 independent research studies.

Copper silver introduces disinfectant ions that travel throughout the plumbing infrastructure and attack Legionella living downstream, embedded in biofilm within the plumbing distribution system, providing systemic disinfection. Copper silver ionization is essential for controlling preexisting Legionella contamination.

This technology provides a controlled release of copper and silver ions into the water supply to kill harmful waterborne pathogens*. Aside from being an effective method for combating Legionella, copper silver ionization is also the most environmentally friendly solution – with no harmful disinfection by-products.

Copper silver ionization is an electrolysis process which introduces positively charged copper and silver ions into the water supply as current is applied across copper and silver electrodes. The positive ions bind to the negative cell walls of bacteria, which causes the proteins in the cell wall to break down, effectively killing the cell.
Copper silver ionization is effective in both hot and cold water, unlike chemical technologies whose disinfectant rapidly dissipates in hot water environments, rendering them ineffective. It is state and federal EPA-registered (EPA reg. number 68250-1) technology for eradicating Legionella in drinking water. Copper silver ionization requires no chemicals and introduces no dangerous disinfection byproducts. There are no consumables that are unsafe for handling. The ions introduced into the water supply are safe for human consumption, and do not damage the plumbing infrastructure.
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