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Point-of-Entry Filtration

Improve incoming water quality while extending the life of equipment by 9-12% and boosting disinfection efficacy.

“Is my facility located in one of the at-risk regions where sediment poses a higher risk?” “Do we receive our municipal water from a nearby natural body of water?”

LiquiTech point-of-entry filtration

The SafeTGard point-of-entry filtration delivers reliable water while continuously monitoring real-time operations. The self-cleaning filtration system reduces biological growth, eliminates buildup of nutrients and incubation of bacteria by removing sediment, biofilm, and corrosion particulate, while optimizing water quality and improving the efficacy of disinfection systems.

Damage caused by sediment can be extremely expensive and time consuming to repair. The following equipment is at risk of failure due to sediment buildup:

  • Boilers
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Food service equipment
  • Point-of-use filters
  • Ice machines
  • MRI/XRAY machines, and much more.

Our unique process starts with a sediment analysis to determine the right solution for your facility. Compared to other filtration technologies, LiquiTech’s filters involve far less maintenance, do not absorb disinfectants, and use 25% to 75% less water, saving money and natural resources.

Benefits of Implementing Point-of-Entry Filtration:

  • FAST SEDIMENT REMOVAL: Filtration is completed in seconds
  • LOW OPERATION COST: No consumables required
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY FILTRATION AND LOW WATER WASTE: Less than 0.1% of water sent to drain
  • REDUCE POTENTIAL BIOLOGICAL GROWTH: Eliminates build-up of nutrients and incubation of bacteria and biofilm
  • MINIMAL ENERGY DEMAND: Operates on water pressure alone
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Minimal need for manual screen cleaning
  • CONTINUOUS FLOW: No service interruption during backwash


Why is this technology necessary if my facility already uses secondary disinfection?

The point-of-entry system is used for controlling sediment, dirt and corrosion particulate, which causes variability and can negatively affect disinfection levels while decreasing the life of your plumbing system and other water using equipment.

Doesn’t point-of-entry filtration increase the risk of bacterial growth and cost?

It is true that most forms of filtration have been proven to be very costly due to the high cost of consumables or wastewater production, as well as increasing risk from bacterial growth in the filter. Our filtration technology has mitigated these concerns. With no consumable media, an efficient hydraulic self-cleaning process, and a quick contaminant residence time, we can ensure effective filtration minimizes risk, with minimal maintenance or operational expenditure.

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