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Most effective, self-cleaning, no consumables, and least expensive point-of-entry water filtration to solve equipment fouling caused by dirty water.

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What is Point-of-Entry Filtration?

LiquiTech's SAFETGARD® self-cleaning water filtration system improves incoming water quality by removing sediment, corrosion, and biofilm deposits at the point of entry. Damage caused by sediment and iron-based corrosion particulates can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to repair. Our unique process starts with a sediment analysis to determine the right solution for your facility. Compared to traditional filtration technologies, LiquiTech's SAFETGARD system can save up to 90% more water and involves far less maintenance and inspection.

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Why is a Point-of-Entry Water Filtration System Important?

Municipal water is transported through a large and aging infrastructure, which can alter water quality dynamically and unpredictably. Variations can be caused by changes in source water; seasonal events such as heavy rains; infrastructure age; hydrant use; and degradation due to time, distance, temperature and other environmental factors. These variations result in sediment and biofilm entering building water systems, which can cause large increases in operating costs related to your water infrastructure, long and short-term damage to water-using equipment, and increased risk of bacteria. Systemic sediment control can be achieved effectively through point-of-entry filtration.

The following equipment is prone to failure due to sediment build up:

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Sterilizers
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Food service equipment
  • Point-of-use filters
  • Ice machines
  • Hot water heaters
  • Pumps/valves
  • MRI/X-ray machines

The SAFETGARD® automatic self-cleaning water filtration POE system continuously monitors real time operation, effectively removes sediment, helps reduce biofilm and corrosion particulate, while optimizing your water quality and saving your facility time and money.

Our Solution

The SAFETGARD® automatic self-cleaning sediment filter system continuously monitors real time operation, effectively removes sediment, helps reduce biofilm and corrosion particulate, while optimizing your water quality and saving your facility time and money.

Illustration of LiquiTech's Point-of-Entry Filtration process


  • Fast sediment removal

    Filtration is completed in seconds.

  • Low operation cost

    No consumables required.

  • High-efficiency filtration and low water waste

    Less than 0.1% of water sent to drain.

  • Reduces potential biological growth

    Eliminates build-up of nutrients and incubation of bacteria/biofilm.

  • Minimal energy demand

    Operates on water pressure alone.

  • Easy maintenance

    Minimal need for manual screen cleaning.

  • Continuous flow

    No service interruption during backwash.

An evidence-based approach to water filtration

We start with an in-depth analysis of your water system to assess risk and determine your specific needs. We prescribe only what is necessary to protect your water environment. LiquiTech’s sediment testing uses a laser particle distribution test to analyze and identify all the water points of entry to determine the volume, surface area and amount of all suspended solids entering the buildings. This test can help in determining the potential for nutrients that foster microbiological growth, among other issues.

Photo of LiquiTech's Point-of-Entry Warehouse

Improving Water Quality

LiquiTech’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation have led to the development of the most intelligent filtration product to address fundamental water quality in the built environment.

SafeTGard POE Filtration Digital Control System & Packaged Skids

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These innovations have increased total system reliability substantially, increasing the warranty period by 200%, decreasing troubleshooting occurrences and down time, automating performance documentation, and connecting the product to LiquiTech’s connected device suite. This puts LiquiTech’s engineers and subject matter experts directly in touch with the customer’s installation from anywhere in the world.

Features that go beyond simple ‘smart’ integrations

  • 4x more alarms
  • Local dynamic visualizations of system operation
  • Remote Monitoring by LiquiTech’s Engineering staff
  • Full Suite of BMS Connections
  • NSF 61 Approved, Digital Pressure Transducers
  • Local Graphical and Tabular Logs
  • Skids are now proudly manufactured in Chicago, IL
  • Improved Supply Chain and design that cuts delivery times in half or more!

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