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Point-of-Use Filters

Provide the final barrier of protection against harmful pathogens.

LiquiTech point-of-use filters

LiquiTech offers SafeTGard point-of-use filters for shower heads, sinks, faucets, and ice machines.

In emergency situations following an outbreak of infection, easy-to-install, easy-to-use SafeTGard filters offer instant protection and relief. SafeTGard uses proven membrane technology to solve the challenge of water disinfection.

The point-of-use filters provide easy and reliable protection at the last possible moment before water use.


I’ve used POU filters in the past. The filters clogged quickly and were very expensive. What makes SafeTGard filters different?

Our filters are not susceptible to breaching when the cartridge becomes plugged with bacteria-laden sediment – all of the bacteria will stay contained in the filter, preventing contamination.

Why are point-of-use filters necessary?

No process can ensure 100% removal of potential risk through secondary disinfection, so a multi-barrier approach is required to ensure water security all the way to the point of use. Point-of-use filtration is a final barrier to prevent harmful pathogens from coming in contact with users, and is particularly important for protecting those who are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed.

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