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Ultraviolet Disinfection

Destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms.

LiquiTech ultraviolet disinfection treatment

Ultraviolet disinfection is the first line of protection against contaminated water entering a facility. The system delivers non-toxic, continuous disinfection at the point-of-entry. Our system utilizes Ecoray lamps which are more robust than traditional UV lamps while cutting energy consumption by 25%.

Ultraviolet disinfection destroys harmful microorganisms, including cysts, viruses, and bacteria and is energy efficient with minimal maintenance.

While Ultraviolet disinfection is effective when treating waterborne bacteria and viruses, it is not a standalone option to disinfect your drinking water. Ultraviolet disinfection systems work best when paired with point-of-entry filtration, copper silver ionization, and point-of-use filters.


What is ultraviolet disinfection, and how will it help?

UV disinfection is a broad spectrum non-chemical disinfection technology. UV disinfection is generated in special UV lamps. A watertight quartz tube surrounds each lamp. The liquid to be disinfected is passed through the quartz tubing. The gas plasma generated in the lamp emits intensive UV light, which changes the DNA of the microorganisms. The cell is unable to divide and reproduce, thus rendering it inactive. UV addresses bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds.

Where is UV disinfection installed within a water system?

UV is most effective at the point of entry, but it can be applied to branches, or other areas of a facility.

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