Ultraviolet Disinfection

Destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. UV disinfection water treatment is highly effective against myriad waterborne pathogens that may lead to outbreaks of disease. These include mycobacteriacryptosporidium, and giardia. This method is used by numerous entities and properties that need to protect the public from infection, including hospitals, processing facilities, and hotels.

What is Ultraviolet Disinfection?

UV disinfection is a broad-spectrum, non-chemical disinfection technology used in commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings for the inactivation of microorganism. UV disinfection is generated in special UV lamps. A watertight quartz tube surrounds each lamp. The liquid to be disinfected is passed through the quartz tubing where gas plasma generated in the lamp emits intensive UV light. When microorganisms are exposed to the germicidal wavelength of UV light, their cellular DNA and RNA absorbs the wavelengths, thereby damaging their nucleic acid. This modifies the DNA of the microorganisms to be unable to divide and reproduce, thus rendering it inactive. UV provides rapid inactivation of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds.

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Why Ultraviolet Disinfection?

Advanced UV systems are the first line of defense against harmful bacteria in your incoming water. UV disinfection inactivates the broadest spectrum of microorganisms, including cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and viruses and bacteria such as Mycobacteria, Pseudomonas, and Legionella. UV disinfection of drinking water destroys harmful microorganisms, including cysts, viruses, and bacteria and is energy efficient with minimal maintenance.

Ultraviolet disinfection inactivates the broadest spectrum of microorganisms.

How it Works

LiquiTech uses HALLETT® water purification systems with Crossfire Technology® which outperforms conventional systems by delivering highly effective UV dosage rates for the inactivation of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Our UV disinfection system delivers non-toxic, continuous disinfection at the point-of-entry. Our system utilizes Ecoray lamps, which are more robust than traditional UV lamps while cutting energy consumption by 25%.

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Our ultraviolet disinfection system incorporates two proprietary high-output UV lamps, with elliptical reflectors that target pathogens with radiation from 254nm applied 360° through the water. Our system uses dual smart UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul. The air-cooled lamps maintain consistent levels of UV output. We also integrate computerized alarms and an auto shutoff, fail-safe valve that ensures only safe water can enter your water system. A stainless steel wiper is used to clean the inside of the quartz sleeve, thereby eliminating quartz fouling and the need for a water softener. Through our comprehensive approach to water safety, we deliver safe water.

While ultraviolet disinfection is effective when treating waterborne bacteria and viruses, it is not a standalone option to disinfect your drinking water. Ultraviolet sterilization systems work best when paired with point-of-entry filtrationcopper silver ionization, and point-of-use filters.

Features and Benefits

UV Pure’s Hallett UV systems employ revolutionary Crossfire Technology® that is self-cleaning, self-monitoring and fail-safe. The Hallett® system eliminates the risks associated with conventional single-lamp UV systems.

By combining with point-of-entry filtration to address corrosion particulate and copper silver ionization to address replicating bacteria, your facility would have the broadest spectrum approach for eliminating drinking water concerns in your building water system.

  • Efficiency

    Validated to reduce pathogens to safe levels—minimum of 99.99% reduction and effective in water 10 times harder than conventional UV systems.

  • Self-cleaning

    Stainless steel patented automatic wiper-blade system keeps quartz free from scaling or biofilm.

  • Fail-safe and risk-free

    Digital monitor, visual and audible alarms, event notifications, on-board data logging, self-diagnostic troubleshooting logic and more.

  • Low operation cost

    Virtually maintenance free, low operating costs, and easy to install.

Download our Ultraviolet Disinfection System brochure to see technical specifications, the benefits and how it works!

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