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Your partner in water safety. We provide comprehensive water management services including risk assessments, plan development, testing and validation, remote monitoring, and flexible maintenance plans. Our extensive water safety services provide peace of mind for healthcare facilitiescommercial buildings, and anywhere else the health of large numbers of people could be at risk. With our complete water system management services at your disposal, you can protect guests and employees from waterborne diseases that may be lurking in your systems.

Water Testing

An analytical approach to water management.

Enabling informed and timely decisions to maximize water safety, mitigate risk, and ensure regulatory compliance for your facility. Learn more about our advanced Metagenomics Testing.

Water Management Plans

Comply with CDC & ASHRAE 188 Legionella prevention standards.

Establish a comprehensive, total water management plan utilizing LiquiTech’s more than 25 years of water expertise.

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring provides unparalleled transparency.

24/7 monitoring supported by a dedicated engineering team to ensure safety and efficacy. Know exactly when and where trouble may enter your systems so you can respond quickly and effectively.

Maintenance Services

We become an extension of your team.

Reduce the burden of ongoing system maintenance with LiquiTech’s turnkey potable water services for your equipment to ensure critical and preventative maintenance. You can count on us to provide clean water treatment expertise that will keep your facility up and running.

Why Choose LiquiTech?

Our comprehensive water cleaning services are built from the ground up to help you prevent outbreaks of Legionella and other waterborne diseases. We utilize pioneering, evidence-based solutions that protect one of the most precious natural resources we have. If you’re ready to learn more about everything we can do for you and your facilities, reach out and get in touch with us today.

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