Ice Machines

Consumers and news outlets alike have shifted the hygiene spotlight unto machine-produced ice.  Recent statistics have held that samples from various restaurants and facilities show an alarming amount of bacteria, virus, fungal and yeast growth.  The source of such growth stems from the ice machine itself.  Neglect in managing and cleaning ice machines properly turn them into breeding grounds for dangerous microorganisms.

Through LiquiTech’s Point-Of-Use-Filtration, you can eliminate such outbreak risks efficiently.  The SafeTGuard filters are easy to install, easy to use, and will provide a layered barrier to protect your ice machines from harmful organisms flowing through the water.  You will be provided with a representative and guidance on maintaining the SafeTGuard and ice machines.

We can have a representative identify the source of the contamination and look into establishing a Water Management Plan and a Point-Of-Entry-Filtration system as part of our multi-barrier approach to potable water safety.

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