Remote Water Temperature Monitoring System

The liqui-temp Remote Monitoring System enables your water system to speak.


liqui-temp Overview

The liqui-temp Remote Monitoring System detects trends in your water system that indicate amplified bacterial risk and equipment failure signaling you to act. liqui-temp is the language of smart water and delivers insights that lead to healthy people and a healthy bottom line.

Are you prepared to pay the price for poor water quality?

  • Lawsuits

    Legionella lawsuit payouts are rising, as high as $6 million dollars.

  • Water scalding lawsuits

    Water scalding lawsuits have been as high as $10 million.

  • Burn injuries

    Estimated 486,000 burn injuries per year or an injury every 65 seconds.*

  • Failure to meet code

    Failure to meet water temperature code compliance can result in fines and shutdowns.

*American Burn Association 2016

How it works


Features and benefits

  • Amplified bacterial risk icon
    Amplified Bacterial Risk

    Tracks, records, and alerts changes in water quality that can indicate increased risk

  • Reliable temperature monitoring icon
    Reliable Temperature Monitoring

    Accurately records water temperature

  • Identifies efficiency icon
    Identifies Efficiency Opportunities

    • Hot water supply vs. return
    • Incoming cold water vs heater temperatures
    • Hot water heater temperatures

  • Instant alerts icon
    Instant Alerts So You Can Act Fast

    Tracks flow abnormalities, spotlights water quality deviations, and alerts you of pathogenic, safety, and scalding risks

  • Data collection icon
    Data Collection and Reporting

    Your easy-to-digest data is available through an online platform

  • Easy compliance icon
    Easy Compliance

    Meets CMS, Joint Commission, VHA Directive, 1061, ad ASHRAE requirements

  • 24/7 expert monitoring icon
    24/7 Expert Monitoring

    LiquiTech engineers interpret your data and alert you of abnormalities and solutions

  • Easy to install icon
    Easy to Install

    Sensors are attached to the exterior of the pipes which makes installation quick and easy – no plumber, shutdowns or extra cost for implementation

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  • Download our liqui-temp flyer
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