Maintenance Services

Preventative and critical maintenance to ensure water quality and safety.

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An Overview of LiquiTech Maintenance Services

No disinfection system can remain effective without proper maintenance and validation. To keep your facility, employees, and guests protected from harmful waterborne bacteria, LiquiTech recommends establishing critical maintenance processes and procedures.

Our flexible service plans include:

  • Strategic Services

    From on-site turnkey services to assistance with preventative maintenance, we offer various service tiers based on the level of service required for your facility, tailored to your facility’s specific needs

  • Emergency Remediation

    We assist even the largest and most complex facilities during a waterborne disease outbreak, gaining control of bacteria within 48 hours. We understand that time, discretion, and efficacy are of the utmost importance to your team

  • Ongoing Surveillance

    Monitor critical control points to identify status of waterborne risk factors specific to your facility through our ongoing testing and validation

“I really like the sales team as they came to assess and make recommendations. What I really like was the fact we can depend on LiquiTech for the maintenance and that would be a burden on our operations department if we didn’t have that in place. There are some things that require expertise such as dosing for CSI based on results on monthly ICP tests.”

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Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it necessary to have an extended service agreement?

While our products are easy to maintain, ongoing maintenance is essential for optimal system performance. We have developed our Strategic Service Alliance and programs to support the ever growing needs of our customer base with an efficient, cost effective, and reliable approach.

Why LiquiTech?

We have been partnering with facilities around the world to solve and prevent waterborne disease issues for more than 25 years. LiquiTech is known for solving the most difficult Legionella and other water quality challenges and delivering the most successful outcomes.

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