Water Bacteria Test Kit

Maximize safety, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance through ongoing testing.



Water testing and validation is essential to water management and allows for corrective actions and enhanced monitoring within a facility’s environment. The presence of waterborne pathogens can lead to an outbreak of serious illness. A water bacteria test can go a long way to provide peace of mind for property owners. Using a water analysis kit also helps identify any potential issues before they have an opportunity to develop into full-blown health crises. With LiquiTech’s comprehensive bacteria test kit, you can keep the people who use your facilities safe from infection and build trust in the community.

  • Copper Silver ICP Testing

    ICP-MS Testing Utilizing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in accordance with EPA method 200.8 to determine trace elements in drinking water and provide regular validation of copper and silver concentrations in your water system.

  • Bacterial Testing & Analysis

    Quickly isolate waterborne pathogens that can cause serious and deadly health issues, such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, Mycobacteria, and Stenotrophomonas

  • Laser Particle Distribution

    Analyze and identify all the points of entry in facilities to determine the volume, surface area, and amount of all suspended solids coming into the building

  • Metagenomics Testing & Analysis

    Identify and test a broad spectrum of over 10,000 different bacterial genii that are coming in from the municipal water supply and identify the species and amount that might be replicating in the onsite plumbing

Why Testing Matters

Owners of properties such as hotels, hospitals, and any other type of building where large numbers of people congregate need water test products to protect their guests. Whether you have an on-site well or connect to a municipal water supply, there is always a risk of contamination. Runoff from sewage treatment facilities, areas containing animal waste, and untreated soils can carry bacteria into the water supply. Flooding or excessive rainfall also may introduce contaminants. Regular checks of your plumbing systems with a water quality test kit can identify these dangerous organisms before they have a chance to cause sickness.

Our water contamination test kit gives added security where it’s needed most. It is critical for promoting the health and safety of everyone on your properties. Additionally, tests are necessary to make sure you are in compliance with any local regulations regarding water quality. Testing the water also helps you avoid costly fines and other legal ramifications that could arise if this step is not taken. In short, keeping up with testing is crucial for the safety of your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I test my water if we do not have any reported Legionella cases or other organisms linked to our water?

If you are a healthcare organization, the CDC strongly suggests testing for Legionella, both in your environment and in patients with pneumonia. The symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease are identical to a classic case of pneumonia and often are misdiagnosed and go underreported. Regular testing provides your facility with liability protection in the event of an outbreak.

Where can Legionella grow and/or spread?

Legionella can grow in many parts of building water systems. Water-using devices can then spread contaminated water droplets, including hot and cold water storage tanks, water heaters, expansion tanks, aerators, showerheads, eye wash stations, ice machines, hot tubs, decorative fountains, and cooling towers.

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