“Our building is 3 years old, it’s a brand new state of the art medical center located in the heart of Brooklyn. Keeping our domestic hot water system in order is essential. Liquitech is and always will be one of the best contractors to have worked in our building. Melinda, Ryan, Corey, Tony and Samantha are some of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever dealt with. They really know the business and master what they do. The service reports they create are precise and extremely informative based on their monitoring services and in-service techs. Liquitech’s customer service is second to none. I love it that when I call the office I always get a live person and they are always super friendly. I would highly recommend Liquitech and their staff! 5 star rating.”

Photo of the Brooklyn Health Center building

Shawn M. Wright
Facility Coordinator | Brooklyn Health Center | New York Hotel Trades Council & Hotel Association Of New York City, Inc.

“What drew me to the LiquiTech products was the fact that it attacked the Legionella while it was in the biofilm. We tested positive for legionella and at that point what are your options? We didn’t want to shut the hospital down due to using chemicals.”

Matagorda Regional Medical Center logo

Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

“I like the point of entry filter because it’s self-cleaning and does not require much maintenance. I believe in UV disinfection and it’s an effective approach. By being tri-module, we’re being effective in our water management. You have to have a multi-barrier approach because each component plays an important part. We’re running water with 2 modes of treatment continuously. I liked the idea that CSI attacks the bacteria in biofilm and knowing we have CSI is an additive.”

Matagorda Regional Medical Center logo

Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

“LiquiTech has been a water management partner with our organization for the past 12 years. With their technical assistance we have been able to reduce the threat of waterborne pathogens and provide the best in patient care at our facilities. The REMS software has added continuous monitoring to our copper-silver system to assure the prevention of colonization of the legionella bacteria.”

Crouse Health logo

Gary Schuehler CHFM, CHOP, CHC
Engineering Manager | Crouse Health

“I really like the sales team as they came to assess and make recommendations. What I really like was the fact we can depend on LiquiTech for the maintenance and that would be a burden on our operations department if we didn’t have that in place. There are some things that require expertise such as dosing for CSI based on results on monthly ICP tests.”

Matagorda Regional Medical Center logo

Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

“Liquitech has been an excellent partner and we look forward to a continued relationship as we expand and take on more properties in the future.

As a small, family run hotel, we give much consideration before investing in infrastructure upgrades. We decided to invest in copper silver ionization after evaluating other systems and came to the conclusion that it was the best way to ensure guest safety.”

Photo of the front of a hotel

Hospitality Client

“The LiquiTech team has a very quick response time and really look into issues with great attention and detail.”

Turner Construction Company logo

Phil Tobiasz
MEP Engineer | Turner Construction

“I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen from LiquiTech. The technicians are experts and made great recommendations and it was a smooth install. Basically flipped the switch and everything is working great.”

Matagorda Regional Medical Center logo

Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

“LiquiTech is a company that we value and respect because their team goes above and beyond.

Our copper silver ionization system has helped my entire water management program. Kaiser Fremont has partnered with LiquiTech for over 10 years now and we hope to continue working together for many more.”

Kaiser Permanente logo

Manuel Carvello
Chief Engineer Facilities Operation | Kaiser Fremont

“I remain a strong advocate of copper/silver disinfection for the effective and safe treatment of water and safety from waterborne pathogens, specifically, legionella, which is a serious health threat in every healthcare organization.

I also attest to the fact that LPCH has been free of the tested waterborne pathogens since LiquiTech unit has been installed at LPCH.”

Stanford Children's Health logo

Michael Zader
Administration Director of General Services | Stanford Children’s Health

“Potable water is the most common source of healthcare associated legionellosis. It was not until a copper silver ionization system was installed that we saw a precipitous decline in positive Legionella cultures. Potable water cultures, positive for Legionella, were reduced from 30% to less than 1%. Most importantly, we have not had a single case of hospital-acquired legionellosis for almost 20 years, since the system was installed, linked to potable water.”

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center logo

John Letson
Vice President of Plant Operations | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“This partnership is great, I’m extremely satisfied with the service. LiquiTech is very dependable, they always respond quickly to what I need.”

Perlmutter Cancer Center logo

Tuan Tran
Plant Operations | NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center | Radiology on E 34th St.

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