The CMS memo requires testing protocols for waterborne pathogens – but what does this mean?

Protocol alone does not equal protection – you need to test your water, establish control measures and apply corrective actions

Water testing protocol is a procedure outlining water testing requirements designed to help you understand when and where to conduct water testing as well as to answer specific water quality questions when needed.  Having a protocol in place without water testing may not protect your facility from risk of waterborne pathogens, including Legionella.

A proper water testing protocol will enable you to take proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of your people… this must include WATER TESTING.  Water testing protects you from the liability of injury and helps you to maintain a proactive approach to knowing what’s in your water.

Where do I start?

Review and follow CDC and ASHRAE 188 Guidelines.  Or, for a no obligation 30 minute consultation to get a jump start in developing your CMS compliant program, or, for a free Water Management Plan quote, call the experienced professionals at LiquiTech today at (630) 693-0500.

Our products and services are compliant with CMS, as they are cost effective, defensible, proven with over 1,800 installations.    

Proactive water pathogen protection is key

Test your water and ensure compliance. Informed proactive approach is always more cost effective than non-compliance, or reacting to cases of Legionnaires’ disease at your facility.