Comprehensive Water Solutions

LiquiTech is the leading provider of highly effective technologies and services that secure water delivery systems against Legionella and other Waterborne Pathogen risks. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive water solutions platform, while meeting the unique needs of each facility.

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In healthcare, we help protect more than 30 million patients and staff from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens at more than 400 hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Facilities / Engineering

Consistent, high quality water is invaluable to an industrial facility’s structure and processes. We help facility managers protect their employees, visitors and neighbors from the threat of an outbreak due to Legionella or other waterborne pathogens.

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Hospitality / Commercial

In hospitality and commercial buildings, water plays a critical role in the daily life of hotels and resorts, wellness clubs, convention centers, office buildings, apartments and casinos. LiquiTech can help these facilities maximize operating effectiveness and improve guest satisfaction, while providing a safe, clean environment.

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