LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System

The LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System removes sediment from your water that can damage pipes and other water-bearing equipment, degrade water quality, and encourage bacteria growth. With self-cleaning stainless-steel filters and a smart control system, our Sediment Filtration System is durable, sustainable, cost-effective, and water-efficient.

Key highlights:

  • Protects pipes and equipment from sediment build-up and corrosion
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel filters save time, money, and waste
  • Durable, sustainable, and cost-effective


  • Improved water quality: Our Sediment Filtration System removes incoming sediment that can damage equipment, reduce the efficacy of secondary disinfection, and provide a nutrient source for bacteria.
  • Water-efficient: Designed to be sustainable and efficient, our system uses little water, typically operating at 99% water efficiency.
  • Low maintenance: With its innovative stainless steel filters and self-cleaning technology, there are no filters to replace, saving staff time, money, and waste.
  • Smart: A controller with a touchscreen display constantly monitors the status and operation of the system, initiating self-cleaning cycles when sediment build-up reaches a certain level and sending out alarm notifications if issues occur. Staff can easily access performance data, adjust setpoints, and manually control the system through the on-system digital display.
  • Remotely monitored: A remote monitoring system tracks and logs data 24/7, providing real-time diagnostics, troubleshooting, and reporting by LiquiTech engineers.
  • Long-term savings: Removing sediment from your water supply helps prevent premature damage to plumbing infrastructure. Your water-bearing equipment and pipes will last longer and require less maintenance time and money in the long run.
  • Compact: Our system takes up minimal floor space and does not require storage of cartridges, sand, bags, or other consumables.

Case study

96.7% sediment reduction at Colorado hospital

LiquiTech partnered with a Colorado hospital to install a Sediment Filtration System. The result was a 96.7% reduction in sediment from the incoming water supply.

Read the case study.

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